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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Abdul QaadirServant of the ableMuslimBoy
Abdul QadeerSlave of the powerfulMuslimBoy
Abdul QadirSlave of the powerfulMuslimBoy
Abdul QahaarServant of the subduer, AlmightyMuslimBoy
Abdul QahharServant of the subduerMuslimBoy
Abdul QaiyoumSlave of the self subsistentMuslimBoy
Abdul QayoomSlave of the self subsistentMuslimBoy
Abdul QayyumSlave of the self subsistentMuslimBoy
Abdul QuddoosServant of the most holyMuslimBoy
Abdul QuddusServant of the most holyMuslimBoy
Abdul QudoosServant of the most holyMuslimBoy
Abdul RabbSlave of the lordMuslimBoy
Abdul RafiSlave of the exalterMuslimBoy
Abdul RaheemServant of the most compassionateMuslimBoy
Abdul RaoufServant of the most mercifulMuslimBoy
Abdul RaqibSlave of the vigilantMuslimBoy
Abdul RasheedServant of the rightly guidedMuslimBoy
Abdul RazaaqServant of the maintainerMuslimBoy
Abdul SalaamServant of peaceMuslimBoy
Abdul TawwabSlave of acceptor of repentanceMuslimBoy
Abdul WaahidServant of godMuslimBoy
Abdul WaajidServant of the finderMuslimBoy
Abdul WaaliSlave of the governorMuslimBoy
Abdul WadoodServant of the lovingMuslimBoy
Abdul WahhabServant of the best ownerMuslimBoy
Abdul WahidServant of godMuslimBoy
Abdul WajidSlave of the finder, PerceiverMuslimBoy
Abdul WakilSlave of trusteeMuslimBoy
Abdul WaliySlave of the protecting friendMuslimBoy
Abdul WarithServant of the supreme inheritorMuslimBoy
Abdul WasiSlave of the all embracingMuslimBoy
Abdul-AzeezServant of the mighty, PowerfulMuslimBoy
Abdul-BaariServant of the creatorMuslimBoy
Abdul-GhafoorServant of the forgiverMuslimBoy
Abdul-HaafizServant of the protectorMuslimBoy
Abdul-HafizServant of the protectorMuslimBoy
Abdul-HameedServant of praiseworthy, Ever praisedMuslimBoy
Abdul-HaseebServant of the respected, EsteemedMuslimBoy
Abdul-JabaarServant of the mightyMuslimBoy
Abdul-JabarServant of the mightyMuslimBoy
Abdul-JaleelServant of the great, ReveredMuslimBoy
Abdul-KhaaliqServant of the creatorMuslimBoy
Abdul-KhaliqServant of the creatorMuslimBoy
Abdul-QaadirServant of the capableMuslimBoy
Abdul-QadirServant of the capableMuslimBoy
Abdul-QahaarServant of the subduer, AlmightyMuslimBoy
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