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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
AbjaBorn in waterHinduGirl
AbjayoniBorn of the lotus, Lord BrahmaHinduBoy
AbjitConquering waterHinduBoy
AblaFull figuredMuslimGirl
AblaaPerfectly formedHinduGirl
AblaaPerfectly formedMuslimGirl
AbleVanity, HerdsmanChristianBoy
Abmel ChristianGirl
AbnarFather of lightChristianBoy
AbnerFather of lightChristianBoy
AbnorFather of lightChristianBoy
AbnurFather of lightChristianBoy
AboilName of a flowerHinduGirl
AboliName of a flowerHinduGirl
Abood MuslimBoy
AbraFather of a multitudeChristianGirl
AbradHail, MailMuslimBoy
AbrahamFather of a multitudeChristianBoy
AbramFather of elevationChristianBoy
AbranFather of a multitudeChristianBoy
AbrarPetty, HandsomeMuslimBoy
AbrashSpotted, SpeckledMuslimBoy
AbriannaFather of a multitudeChristianGirl
AbsalomFather of peaceChristianBoy
AbsalonMy father is peaceChristianBoy
Absi MuslimBoy
Abtum ParsiBoy
Abu BakrCompanion of prophet MuhammadMuslimBoy
Abul KhayrOne who does goodMuslimBoy
AbyadA narrator of hadithMuslimBoy
Abzari MuslimBoy
AcaciaThorny Egyptian tree, Not evilChristianGirl
AcalapatiLord of immovable, Lord of mountainHinduBoy
AcalendraLord of immovable, HimalayasHinduBoy
AcalesvaraLord of the immovable, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
AcandaSoft temper, Without anger, Gentle, KindHinduBoy
AcaryanandanaSon of teacher, Another name for AsvatthamanHinduBoy
AcaryasutaSon of teacher, Another name for AsvatthamanHinduBoy
AcaryatanayaSon of the teacher, Another name for AswatthamaHinduBoy
AcchindraFlawless, Uninterrupted, PerfectHinduBoy
AceNumber oneChristianBoy
AcelNoble at birthChristianBoy
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