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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
JulianaDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianGirl
JuliannaDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianGirl
JulianneDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianGirl
JulieDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianGirl
JulienneDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianGirl
JulietDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianGirl
Juliete ChristianGirl
JulietteDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianGirl
JuliusDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianBoy
JulyDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianGirl
JulyanDescended from Jupiter (Jove), YouthChristianBoy
JumaanaSilver pearlMuslimGirl
Jumail MuslimBoy
Jumaima MuslimGirl
JumanaSilver pearlMuslimGirl
JumanahSilver pearl, Name of a companionMuslimGirl
JumaymahName of a female companionMuslimGirl
JumaynahGem, Name of a female companionMuslimGirl
JummalUnit of armyMuslimBoy
Junaid MuslimBoy
JunaydFighter, WarriorMuslimBoy
JundubGrasshopper, Name of companionMuslimBoy
JuneVital forceChristianGirl
JuniorYoung, A nickname for a boy having same name as his fatherChristianBoy
JuniperA Name of the treeChristianGirl
JunoVital forceChristianGirl
JusticeFair, JustChristianGirl
JustinFair, JustChristianBoy
JustinaFair, JustChristianGirl
JustineFair, JustChristianGirl
JustyFair, JustChristianUnisex
JustynaFair, JustChristianGirl
JuthamahName of companionMuslimBoy
JuwairiyahLittle girlMuslimGirl
JuwariyahWife of prophet MuhammadMuslimGirl
JwalamaliniA Jain yakshini, FlameJainGirl
JwalaprasadGift of flameHinduBoy
JwaliaLord ShivaHinduBoy
JyeshthaEldest daughter, A NakshatraHinduGirl
JyesthaThe Eldest, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
JyotheeshLord who gives light, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
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