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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
JyothishAstrologer, Provider of lightHinduBoy
JyotiFlame, Light, Lamp, The light of the SunHinduGirl
JyotichandraSplendor, MoonlightHinduBoy
JyotikaLight, FlameHinduGirl
JyotindraLord of lifeHinduBoy
JyotiprakashSplendor of the flameHinduBoy
JyotiraadityaThe resplendence of the SunHinduBoy
JyotiranjanJoyous flameHinduBoy
JyotirdharHolder of flame, SunHinduBoy
JyotirmayaImbued with lightHinduBoy
Jyotirmayi HinduGirl
JyotishmatiLuminous, Bright, GlowingHinduGirl
JyotsanaRadiant like flames, Goddess Durga, Moon lightHinduGirl
JyotsnaRadiant like flames, Goddess Durga, Moon lightHinduGirl
Kaab MuslimBoy
KaajalMascara, Surma, Eye linerHinduGirl
KaalakaDurga, Pupil of the eyeHinduGirl
KaalanjariGoddess ParvatiHinduGirl
Kaalim MuslimBoy
KaaliyaHuge serpentHinduBoy
KaamakyaGoddess Durga, Granter of wishesHinduGirl
KaamilPerfect, AccomplishedMuslimBoy
KaamilaComplete, PerfectMuslimGirl
KaamlaComplete, PerfectMuslimGirl
Kaarim MuslimBoy
KaartikeyaSon of lord ShivaHinduBoy
KaashifPioneer, Revealing, DiscovererMuslimBoy
KaashinaathLord of KaashiHinduBoy
Kaatima MuslimGirl
Kaazima MuslimGirl
KabalikrutSwallower of the sun, Lord HanumanHinduBoy
Kabeera MuslimGirl
KabirFamous Sufi saintHinduBoy
KabirFamous Sufi saint, GreatMuslimBoy
KabirahElder, BigMuslimGirl
Kabujiva ParsiBoy
KaceyVigilant, WakefulChristianGirl
KacieVigilant, WakefulChristianGirl
KadambName of a treeHinduBoy
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