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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
MaaghName of a Hindu monthHinduBoy
MaahiAnother name for prophet MuhammadMuslimBoy
Maaiz MuslimBoy
Maajid MuslimBoy
Maajida MuslimGirl
Maalav HinduBoy
MaalikMaster, Lord, Chief, LeaderMuslimBoy
MaalolanName of Deity in AhobilamHinduBoy
MaanLecturer, RespectHinduBoy
MaanLecturer, RespectSikhBoy
MaandhataAn ancient kingHinduBoy
MaarijThe 70th Surah of holy QuranMuslimBoy
MaariyaA young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)MuslimGirl
MaawiyaA young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)MuslimBoy
MaazFriend of prophet MuhammadMuslimBoy
MaazinProper nameMuslimBoy
Maazina MuslimGirl
MabLovable, BelovedChristianGirl
MabadPlace of worshipMuslimBoy
MabelLovable, BelovedChristianGirl
MabellaLovable, BelovedChristianGirl
MabelleLovable, BelovedChristianGirl
MableLovable, BelovedChristianGirl
Mabrin ParsiBoy
MaceMace (the spice), Mace (the weapon)ChristianBoy
MaceyGift of GodChristianUnisex
MacieGift of GodChristianUnisex
MackComely, Finely madeChristianBoy
MackenzieComely, Finely madeChristianUnisex
MacyGift of GodChristianUnisex
MadaiMiddle, Middle landChristianBoy
MadalynOf MagdalaChristianGirl
MadanGod Of Love, Cupid, BeeHinduBoy
MadanapalLord of loveHinduBoy
MadanapalLord of loveSikhBoy
MadangopalLovely Cowherd, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
MadaniyahCivilized, CulturedMuslimGirl
MadanmohanAttractive and lovableHinduBoy
MaddieWomen of MagdalaChristianGirl
MaddisonWomen of MaddeChristianGirl
MaddoxLittle Fortunate One, Little Good OneChristianBoy
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