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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
MadelaineWomen of MagdalaChristianGirl
MadelineWomen of MagdalaChristianGirl
MadelynWomen of MagdalaChristianGirl
MaderuWorthy of praiseHinduBoy
MadeshLord ShivaHinduBoy
Madeshwaran HinduBoy
MadhavLord Krishna, Sweet like honeyHinduBoy
MadhavaKnowledge filled god, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
MadhavanLord ShivaHinduBoy
MadhavdasServant of lord KrishnaHinduBoy
MadhaviHoney, Creeper with beautiful flowers, Spring timeHinduGirl
MadhavilataFlowering creeperHinduGirl
MadhuHoney, Elixir, NectarHinduGirl
MadhubalaSweet Girl, Honey beeHinduGirl
MadhubanLord Vishnu, Flower GardenHinduBoy
MadhuchandaMetrical composition, Honey moonHinduGirl
MadhuchhandaPleasing metrical compositionHinduGirl
MadhughoshSweet SoundingHinduBoy
MadhujaMade of honeyHinduGirl
MadhukHoney beeHinduBoy
MadhukarHoney bee, LoverHinduBoy
MadhuksaraOne who showers honeyHinduGirl
MadhulataSweet creeper, Lovely creeperHinduGirl
MadhulikaHoney, nectarHinduGirl
MadhumalatiFlowering creeperHinduGirl
MadhumathiDelightful moonHinduGirl
MadhumatiFull of honey, River GangaHinduGirl
MadhumayConsisting of honeyHinduBoy
MadhumitaFull of honey, SweetHinduGirl
MadhumithaSweet personHinduGirl
MadhunishaPleasant nightHinduGirl
MadhupHoney beeHinduBoy
MadhupriyaFond of honeyHinduGirl
MadhurMelodious, Sweet, Honey, NectarHinduGirl
MadhuraSweet, Pleasant, SugarHinduGirl
MadhureemaHoney, SweetnessHinduGirl
MadhuriSweetness, CharmingHinduGirl
MadhurimaSweetness, CharmingHinduGirl
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