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 Sub Names  Meaning  Examples
 -bai Lady; Women. Used as a respectable tag for a women.  Rani-bai
 -bano Lady. This tag is generally used with Muslim lady  Mumtaz-bano
 -begum Royal lady. This tag is generally used with Muslim royal lady  Mumtaz-begum
 -ben Sister. This tag is mostly used with Gujrati's and Parsi lady  Kokila-ben; Kussum-ben
 -de Devi; Goddess. This was used in old days thought is no more used so often  Ramana-de
 -devi Lady  Maya-devi; Phulan-devi
 -jahan Universe  noor-jahan; jahan-ra
 -kanvar Kumari; Young Women  Gurujeet-kanvar
 -kaur Lady, This is the tag used with the Sikh girl names  Gurmeeti Kaur
 kumari Young Women  Kumari Geeta (or Geeta kumari)
 -lata A Creeper. This name generally represents attachment with  Pushpa-lata; Lata mangeshkar
 -ma Mother. Added against Goddess name of with a lady name of highest honor  Ma Ambee, Ma Durgee
 -masaheb Lord Mother or Queen, Generally used with royal Marathi women  Ma Saheb Gunvanti Devi
 -mata Mother. Added against Goddess name of with a lady name of highest honor  Mata Ambee; Mata Durgee
 -mati Bearing  Madhu-mati
 -nissa Lady. This tag was used in old Muslim girl names and also used in South Indian baby girl name  Nayajun-nissa
 -prabha Bearer of Light  Pushpa-prabha
 -prada Lady  Jaya-pradha
 -rani Queen. This tag is also indicates beloved wife  Maya-rani
 -shri, -shree Goddess Lakshmi  Bhagya-shri; Anju-shri
 -vanti Bearing  Gun-vanti
 -vati Bearing  Maya-vati; Pushpa-vati

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