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 Sub Names  Meaning  Examples
 -anna Commonly used in Karnataka  
 -appa Commonly used in Karnataka  
 baba Generally added with small boy name, represents kid or innocence  Sohail baba (sohail kid)
 baba Added before the Scholar or Clergy man  Baba Bholenath; Sai-baba
 -babu Gentleman  Sudhir Babu; Ramesh Babu
 -baksh / -bakhsh A Gift of (Like Gift of Lord Ram; A Gift of Allah)  Allah-baksh; Ram-baksh
 -balli Strength; Strong man  Bagrang-balli
 -Bhadhur Brave, This tag is mostly used in northern and eastern India and Nepal  Raj-bhadur, Ver-bhadhur
 -bhai Brother; Mostly used in Gujrati's, Parsi and Muslims  Tarique Bhai; Munna Bhai
 -bharose In a faith of; Protected by  Ram-bharose
 -chandra As bright as moon  Ram-chandra
 -das Servant of (Servant of lord ram; Servant of lord Krishna)  Ram-das; Gopal-das
 -dasa Servant of (Servant of lord ram; Servant of lord Krishna)  Ram-dasa; Gopal-dasa
 -datta A Gift of (Like Gift of Lord Ram; A Gift of lord)  Ram-datta; Deva-datta
 -dev Lord  Kapil-dev
 -dhan Wealth (Wealth of Lord Rama)  Ram-dhan
 -dhani Wealthy  Ram-dhani
 -dhar Bearing  Shri-dhar; Murli-dhar
 -gupta Royal. This was associated with Royalty of King Gupta kiln  Ravi-gupta
 guru Represents teacher or Mentor, this tag is generally used before name  Guru Tej Bhadhur
 -indra Lords of Gods, This tag is mostly associated with lord Inder  Ravindera; Narendra
 -ish, -esh Lord  Naresh; Suresh
 -ishwar Lord  Paremeshwar
 -jahan Universe  Shah-jahan
 -ji Sir, This is a token of respect and a indication the highest and respectable position  Gandhiji; Nehru-ji
 -Krishna Krishna  Ram-Krishna; Ravi-Krishna
 -kumar Young; Youth. This tag is added to a boy name  Sanjeev-kumar, Sharad-kumar
 -lal Young Gentleman  Kishori-lal, Madan-lal
 -mal, -mall A Strong Man, Generally popular in Rajasthan  Girdhari-mal, Suresh-mal
 -mitra Sun  Suresh-mitra
 mohammed Mostly added as a tag before the Muslim boy name  Mohammed Abbas
 -naga Dweller of mountain or of forest  Raman-naga
 -nand One who pleases  Kishori-nand, Nand-kumar
 -nandi One who pleases Narayana  Pratesh-nandi
 -nath Lord  Shri-nath
 -pati Lord  Vilas-pati
 -prakash Bringer of Light  Surya-prakash
 -prasad A Blessing of (Like Blessing of Lord Rama, A blessing of Lord Krishna)  Ram-prasad, Murli-prasad
 -pratap The Glory. This name is added with Rajput name  Veer Pratap Singh
 -rai King or Lord, Mostly added in Andhra and eastern Maharastra names  Abhijeet-rai
 -raj King or Lord  Mohan-raj
 -ram Image of Lord Rama  Bal-ram, Sukh-ram
 -raman One who delights (generally a representation for husband)  Ventak-raman
 -rao King or Lord, Mostly added in Andhra and eastern Maharashtra names  Mohan-rao
 -sah Gentleman  Gopi-sah
 -sahaya A Proctor  Ram-sahaya
 -sai Friend; Well wisher (This is also associated with blessing of Lord Sai baba)  Mohan-sai
 -sen Commander of Army (Senapathi)  Ravi-sen; Madan-sen
 -sha Gentleman  
 -shah Gentleman; Brave. This Tag was is also used to represent the Clergy man  Bahadur Shah Jaffar; Nasruddin-shah
 -singh Lion; Brave. This tag is used with Sikh and Rajput boy and is representation of Bravery  Pavan-singh; Harvinder-singh
 -swami Lord. This is some time associate with and means a husband  Swami Najraj

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