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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
EleonorForeign, The OtherChristianGirl
ElfaElf friendChristianGirl
Elfie ChristianGirl
ElfledaNoble BeautyChristianGirl
ElfredaElfin strengthChristianGirl
ElfridaElfin strengthChristianGirl
ElfriedaElfin strengthChristianGirl
ElgarElf spearChristianBoy
ElgerElf spearChristianBoy
ElhamInspiration, RevelationMuslimGirl
ElhananGod is graciousChristianBoy
EliabMy God is fatherChristianBoy
EliahThe lord is my GodChristianBoy
EliasThe lord is my GodChristianBoy
EliasaphGod increases the familyChristianBoy
ElifazMy God is pure goldChristianBoy
ElifeletMy God is deliveranceChristianBoy
ElihoenaiUnto God are my eyesChristianBoy
ElihuHe is my GodChristianBoy
ElijahThe lord is my GodChristianBoy
ElilarasanHandsome, King of beautyHinduBoy
ElilarasuHandsome, King of beautyHinduBoy
ElilvendanHandsome, King of beautyHinduBoy
ElimelechMy God is kingChristianBoy
ElinaPure, IntelligentChristianGirl
ElinaPure, IntelligentHinduGirl
ElinorForeign, The OtherChristianGirl
ElioenaiUnto God are my eyesChristianBoy
ElioraMy God is lightChristianGirl
EliotThe lord is my GodChristianBoy
EliottThe lord is my GodChristianBoy
EliphaletMy God is deliveranceChristianBoy
EliphazMy God is pure goldChristianBoy
ElipheletMy God is deliveranceChristianBoy
ElisaGod is my oathChristianGirl
ElisabethGod is my oathChristianGirl
EliseGod is my oathChristianGirl
ElishaGod is salvationChristianBoy
ElishuaMy God is saviorChristianBoy
ElissaGod is my oathChristianGirl
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