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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Taaha MuslimBoy
TaahirChaste, ModestMuslimBoy
TaahiraPure, Chaste, CleanMuslimGirl
Taaj MuslimBoy
Taajuddeen MuslimBoy
Taalib MuslimBoy
Taaliba MuslimGirl
TaamirOne who knows datesMuslimBoy
TaamiraOne who knows datesMuslimGirl
TaanusiyaA great devoteeHinduGirl
TaarankSaviors, Part of a starHinduBoy
TaariqMorning star, Always Victorious, Warrior, ProsperousMuslimBoy
TabalahA narrator of hadithMuslimGirl
TabanGlittering, Splendid, ResplendentMuslimGirl
TabassumSmile, Happiness, LaughterMuslimGirl
TabassumA flowerHinduGirl
TabasummSmile, Happiness, LaughterMuslimGirl
TabathaFemale GazelleChristianGirl
TabbyFemale GazelleChristianGirl
Tabendeh ParsiGirl
TabishHeat, BrilliancyMuslimBoy
TabithaFemale GazelleChristianGirl
TabrezChallenging, Showing openlyMuslimBoy
TadPoet, Courageous, Large HeartedChristianBoy
TaeganLittle PoetChristianBoy
TahaName of a Surah in holy QuranMuslimBoy
Tahaan HinduBoy
TahathDelay and StationChristianBoy
TaherPure, Chaste, CleanMuslimBoy
TaherehPure, Chaste, CleanMuslimGirl
TahirPure, Clean, Chaste, HolyMuslimBoy
TahiraPure, CleanMuslimGirl
TahirahPure, ChasteMuslimGirl
TahirihChaste, PureMuslimGirl
TahiyahGreeting, cheerMuslimGirl
TahiyyaGreeting, cheerMuslimGirl
Tahleela MuslimGirl
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