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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
PaanduFather of the PandavasHinduBoy
PaandurangA DeityHinduBoy
PaanineeA Sanskrit grammarianHinduBoy
PaarbrahmSupreme spiritHinduBoy
PaarthAnother name of Arjun, King, StudentHinduBoy
PaavanPure, Sacred, Breeze, WindHinduBoy
Paband ParsiBoy
PacePassover, Easter, Child of EasterChristianBoy
PaceyPassover, Easter, Child of EasterChristianBoy
PachaiYouthful, ResourcefulHinduBoy
PachaimaniYouthful, ResourcefulHinduBoy
PachaimuthuYouthful, ResourcefulHinduBoy
PaddyPatrician, Of noble birthChristianBoy
PadenLittle Patrician, Little NobleChristianBoy
PadmaLotus, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
Padma JainGirl
PadmabandhuFriend of lotus (bee, sun)HinduBoy
PadmadharOne who holds a lotus, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
PadmagrihaOne who resides in lotusHinduGirl
PadmahastaHaving lotus like hands, Lord KrishnaHinduGirl
PadmajBorn from lotus, Lord BrahmaHinduBoy
PadmajaBorn from lotus, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
Padmaja JainGirl
PadmajaiBorn from lotus, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
PadmakaliLotus budHinduGirl
PadmakantHusband of lotus (Sun)HinduBoy
PadmakarJewel, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
PadmakshiOne with lotus like eyesHinduGirl
PadmakshyaOne with lotus like eyesHinduGirl
PadmalayaLake of lotusHinduGirl
PadmalochanLotus eyedHinduBoy
PadmalochanaLotus eyedHinduGirl
PadmamaladharaWearer of lotus garlandHinduGirl
PadmamaliniGoddess LaxmiHinduGirl
PadmamukhiLotus facedHinduGirl
PadmanabhOne with lotus in his navel, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
PadmanabhaThe lord who has a lotus shaped navel, Lord VishnuHinduBoy
PadmanabhapriyaBeloved of PadmanabhaHinduGirl
Padmani ParsiBoy
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