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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
ZaafiraVictorious, SuccessfulMuslimGirl
ZaahidAbstemious, AsceticMuslimBoy
ZaahirBright, ShiningMuslimBoy
ZaahiraBright, ShiningMuslimGirl
ZaaidBright, ShiningMuslimBoy
ZaaidaBright, ShiningMuslimGirl
ZabdiThe gift of JehovahChristianBoy
ZaccaiClean, InnocentChristianBoy
ZachWhom Jehovah rememberedChristianBoy
ZachariahWhom Jehovah rememberedChristianBoy
ZacharyWhom Jehovah rememberedChristianBoy
ZacheryWhom Jehovah rememberedChristianBoy
Zachoeje BuddhistBoy
ZackWhom Jehovah rememberedChristianBoy
ZackaryWhom Jehovah rememberedChristianBoy
ZackeryWhom Jehovah rememberedChristianBoy
Zadhormazd ParsiBoy
Zadmehr ParsiBoy
ZadokJust, RighteousChristianBoy
Zadsparam ParsiBoy
ZafarVictory, The bestMuslimBoy
ZafeerahFirm, VictoriousMuslimGirl
ZafirahFirm, VictoriousMuslimGirl
Zaghlool MuslimBoy
Zahan ParsiBoy
Zaheen MuslimGirl
ZahirExpression, Shining, LuminousMuslimBoy
ZahiraExpression, Shining, LuminousMuslimGirl
ZahraWhite, Flower, Boldness, Heavenly, Light breeze, Star, BeautyMuslimGirl
ZahraaWhite, Flower, Boldness, Heavenly, Light breeze, Star, BeautyMuslimGirl
ZahrahWhite, Flower, Boldness, Heavenly, Light breeze, Star, BeautyMuslimGirl
ZaidGreat abundance, GrowthMuslimBoy
ZaidaGreat abundance, GrowthMuslimGirl
ZaidaanGreat abundance, GrowthMuslimBoy
ZaidenFiery, Sower of seedsMuslimBoy
ZaighamLion, King of the jungleMuslimBoy
ZainGood lightMuslimBoy
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