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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
EadeEarth, ManChristianBoy
EamonProtector of prosperityChristianBoy
EarlNobleman, Prince, WarriorChristianBoy
EarleNobleman, Prince, WarriorChristianBoy
EarleenNobleman, Prince, WarriorChristianGirl
EarleneNobleman, Prince, WarriorChristianGirl
EarlineNobleman, Prince, WarriorChristianGirl
EarnestBattle to the deathChristianBoy
EarnestineBattle to the deathChristianGirl
EarthaEarth, GroundChristianGirl
EashanLord VishnuHinduBoy
Easmatara MuslimGirl
EasonSon of EadeChristianBoy
EasterEaster, April (month)ChristianUnisex
EavanBeautiful, Fair formChristianGirl
EbNickname for names beginning with - EbChristianBoy
EbbieStone of help, Father of lightChristianBoy
EbbyStone of help, Father of lightChristianBoy
EbenFoundation stone, Stone of helpChristianBoy
EbenezerFoundation stone, Stone of helpChristianBoy
EberBow warriorChristianBoy
EbonyEbony woodChristianGirl
EbrahimFather of many, Abraham, Father of GratitudeMuslimBoy
EcchumatiName of a riverHinduGirl
EchoEcho, Re-SoundChristianGirl
EdGuardian of prosperity, Nickname for names beginning with - EdChristianBoy
EdaRich battleChristianGirl
EdainFace, OppositeChristianGirl
Edalji ParsiBoy
EdanaLittle FireChristianGirl
EddaRich battleChristianGirl
EddieGuardian of prosperityChristianBoy
EddyGuardian of prosperityChristianBoy
EdenDelight, Place of pleasureChristianUnisex
EdgarRich spearChristianBoy
EdhithaProgressed, IncreasedHinduGirl
EdieRich battle, Rich fortuneChristianGirl
EdiltrudisNoble strengthChristianGirl
EdinaRich friendChristianGirl
EdisonSon of EdaChristianBoy
EditRich battleChristianGirl
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