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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Chetan JainBoy
ChetanPerceptive, Consciousness, Life, Excellent IntelligenceHinduBoy
ChetanaPerceptive, Consciousness, Life, Excellent IntelligenceHinduGirl
ChetanaSensation, ConsciousnessJainGirl
ChetanaanandSupreme JoyHinduBoy
ChetananandSupreme JoyHinduBoy
ChetnaPower of intellect, AlertHinduGirl
Chetna SikhGirl
ChettyLord MuruganHinduBoy
Chetty ChristianBoy
ChevatkodiyonLord MuruganHinduBoy
ChevonneGod is graciousChristianGirl
CheyanneLittle red talkerChristianUnisex
CheyenneLittle red talkerChristianUnisex
CheyenneBorn dancerHinduGirl
ChhailbehariLord KrishnaHinduBoy
ChhandakCharioteer of lord BuddhaHinduBoy
ChhatrabhujLord VishnuHinduBoy
ChhaviReflection, Image, RadianceHinduGirl
ChhavviReflection, Image, RadianceHinduGirl
ChhayaShadow, Image, ReflectionHinduGirl
Chhaya JainGirl
ChidaakaashAbsolute, Lord BrahmaHinduBoy
ChidaatmaSupreme spiritHinduBoy
ChidakashAbsolute, Lord BrahmaHinduBoy
ChidambarSky like heart, One who has heart as wide as skyHinduBoy
ChidambaramSky like heart, One who has heart as wide as skyHinduBoy
ChidanandLord BrahmaHinduBoy
ChidanandaLord ShivaHinduBoy
ChidatmaSupreme spiritHinduBoy
ChidhatmaBig SoulHinduBoy
ChikkuSweet, FruitHinduBoy
ChinaMusical InstrumentChristianGirl
ChinarName of a beautiful treeHinduBoy
ChinmayFull of knowledge, Supreme consciousnessHinduBoy
Chinmay JainBoy
ChinmayanandHappy, Blissful, Supreme consciousnessHinduBoy
ChinmayanandaHappy, Blissful, Supreme consciousnessHinduBoy
ChinmayiHappy, Blissful, Supreme consciousnessHinduGirl
ChinmayuHappy, Blissful, Supreme consciousnessHinduBoy
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