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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
IlavenilSpring, YouthfulHinduGirl
IleanBeauty, Radiance, Bird, RivalChristianGirl
IleenBeauty, Radiance, Bird, RivalChristianGirl
IleneBeauty, Radiance, Bird, RivalChristianGirl
IleshLord of earthHinduBoy
Ilesh JainBoy
IlhamIntuition, InspirationMuslimGirl
IlifatFriendship, Kindness, ObligationMuslimBoy
IlisaKing of earthHinduBoy
IlishaQueen of the earthHinduGirl
Illiyas MuslimBoy
IlmSlave girl belonging to ZubaydahMuslimGirl
IlyaasA Prophets nameMuslimBoy
IlyasA Prophets nameMuslimBoy
ImaadSupport, PillarMuslimBoy
Imaad UdeenPillar of the faithMuslimBoy
ImadPillar, Post, SupportMuslimBoy
ImanFaith, BeliefMuslimGirl
ImanuelGod is with usChristianBoy
ImenFaith, BeliefMuslimGirl
ImlaWhom God will fill upChristianBoy
ImlahWhom God will fill upChristianBoy
ImmanuelGod is with usChristianBoy
ImogenGirl, MaidenChristianGirl
ImogeneGirl, MaidenChristianGirl
ImraanA Prophets nameMuslimBoy
ImranPowerful, ProsperousMuslimBoy
ImranaPowerful, ProsperousMuslimGirl
ImtiazPower of discriminationMuslimBoy
ImtihalPolite ObedienceMuslimGirl
Imtinaan MuslimGirl
ImtithalPolite ObedienceMuslimGirl
ImtiyazPrivilege, Distinction, Great kingMuslimBoy
InaIlluminate, Light upChristianUnisex
InaamAct of kindness, Benefaction, BestowalMuslimGirl
Inaaya MuslimGirl
InakantaBeloved of sunHinduBoy
InanA slave girl belonging to Haroon al RashidMuslimGirl
InasCapable, SociabilityMuslimBoy
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