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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
JagaviBorn of the worldHinduGirl
JagdeepLight of universeHinduBoy
JagdeoLord of worldHinduBoy
JagdeshThe Lord, Provider of the worldSikhBoy
JagdishGod, Lord of the universe, The ruler of the worldHinduBoy
JageshLord of worldHinduBoy
JaggerStrong, LoyalHinduBoy
JagishLord of universeHinduBoy
JagjeetOne who conquers the world of the mindSikhBoy
JagjeevanWorldly lifeHinduBoy
JagjitWinner of the worldSikhBoy
JagmeetFriend of the worldHinduBoy
JagmohanOne who attracts the worldHinduBoy
JagmohanOne who captivates the worldSikhBoy
JagratiAwakening, VigilanceHinduGirl
JagravAwakening, VigilanceHinduBoy
JagreetWorld's waySikhBoy
JagritiAwakening, VigilanceHinduGirl
JagrutiAwakening, VigilanceHinduGirl
JagtarOne who ferries people across the world oceanSikhBoy
Jahan ParsiBoy
Jahan AaraAdornment of the worldMuslimGirl
Jahan KhatoonPoetMuslimGirl
Jahanabad ParsiBoy
JahanafirinAnother name for god, CreatorMuslimBoy
JahanaraQueen of universeMuslimGirl
Jahanaray ParsiGirl
Jahanbax ParsiBoy
Jahandar ParsiBoy
JahandarPossessor of the worldMuslimBoy
JahangirWorld conqueror, World rulerMuslimBoy
Jahangir ParsiBoy
Jahanjuy ParsiBoy
Jahanmard ParsiBoy
Jahanshah ParsiBoy
JahanshahKing of the world, Emperor of the worldMuslimBoy
Jahansuz ParsiBoy
Jahanvi JainGirl
JahdamahFemale companion of the prophetMuslimGirl
JahdamiAn authority of hadithMuslimBoy
JahdariAn authority of holy QuranMuslimBoy
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