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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
KennaBorn of fire, Comely, Finely madeChristianGirl
KennardRoyal GuardChristianBoy
KennedyUgly HeadChristianUnisex
KennethBorn of fire, Comely, Finely madeChristianBoy
KennithBorn of fire, Comely, Finely madeChristianBoy
KennthNice and generalChristianGirl
KennyBorn of fire, Comely, Finely madeChristianBoy
KenrickHigh hill, Keen powerChristianBoy
KentigernHead LordChristianBoy
KentonCena's settlementChristianBoy
KenyaMountain of the OstrichChristianGirl
KenyonLittle wolfChristianBoy
KenzieComely, Finely madeChristianUnisex
KeraniSacred bellsHinduGirl
Kerbad ParsiBoy
Kerbadji ParsiBoy
Kerbanu ParsiGirl
KerenHorn of an animalChristianGirl
Keren-HappuchHorn of AntimonyChristianGirl
Keren-HapuchHorn of Antimony, A black paint used for eye shadowChristianGirl
KerenaHorn of an animalChristianGirl
KerenhappuchHorn of Antimony, A black paint used for eye shadowChristianGirl
KerenhapuchHorn of Antimony, A black paint used for eye shadowChristianGirl
Kerfegar ParsiBoy
KeriCiar's peopleChristianUnisex
Kermanshah ParsiBoy
KermitFreeman, Without envyChristianBoy
KerrFrom the marshlandChristianBoy
KerriCiar's people, Dark oneChristianUnisex
KerrieCiar's people, Dark oneChristianGirl
KerryCiar's people, Dark oneChristianUnisex
Kersasp ParsiBoy
KerstinFollower of ChristChristianGirl
Kesan HinduBoy
KesarSaffron, LionHinduGirl
KesariSaffron, LionHinduGirl
KesarinandanSon of KesariHinduBoy
KesarisutSon of KesariHinduBoy
KesavanLord VenkateshwaraHinduBoy
Kesavaraj HinduBoy
Kesh JainGirl
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