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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
NamanBow to god, Salutation, RenownedHinduGirl
Naman JainBoy
Namanshi HinduGirl
NamasthetuVanquisher of all evils, vices and sinsHinduBoy
NambiSelf confidentHinduBoy
Namdar ParsiBoy
NamdevA godly person absorbed in naamSikhBoy
NamdevPoet, SaintHinduBoy
Nameera MuslimGirl
NamgeetOne whose life is the song of naamSikhBoy
NamiLord VishnuHinduGirl
NaminathName of the 21 st teerthankarJainBoy
NamishLord VishnuHinduBoy
NamitBowed down, ModestHinduBoy
NamjasOne who sings praises of naamSikhBoy
NamjeevOne who lives absorbed in NaamSikhBoy
NamjotThe light of naamSikhBoy
NamleenAbsorbed in the lord's essenceSikhBoy
NampreetLove for god's nameSikhBoy
Namram JainBoy
NamrataModesty, PolitenessHinduGirl
NamroopOne who becomes the embodiment of naamSikhBoy
Namrta JainGirl
NamuchiKama, Tight, PermanentHinduGirl
NamyaTo be bowed toHinduGirl
NanFavor, GraceChristianGirl
NanaFavor, GraceChristianGirl
Nanabhai ParsiBoy
NanakFirst Sikh guruSikhBoy
NanakFirst Sikh guruHinduBoy
NanakiSister of NanakaHinduGirl
NanakiSister of NanakaSikhGirl
NancyFavor, GraceChristianGirl
NandJoyful, Happy, Pleasure, Father of KrishnaHinduBoy
Nand-KishoreLord KrishnaHinduBoy
Nand-NandanLord KrishnaHinduBoy
NandaHappiness, Daughter, Goddess Durga, Great achieverHinduGirl
NandakishorWiz kid, Lord KrishnaHinduBoy
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