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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
OmanandJoy of OmHinduBoy
OmarAn eraHinduBoy
OmarElevated, An Era, Life, Long livingMuslimBoy
OmarEloquent, Talkative, SpeakerChristianBoy
Omarjeet HinduBoy
OmavAvatar of Om, Incarnation of GodHinduBoy
OmeedHope, FaithMuslimBoy
OmegaLast Letter of the Greek Alphabet, Last Born ChildChristianUnisex
OmeirLong livingMuslimBoy
OmeraGreat personalityMuslimGirl
OmesaLord of OmHinduBoy
OmeshLord of OmHinduBoy
OmeshwarLord of OmHinduBoy
Omi HinduBoy
OmishaGoddess of birth and deathHinduGirl
OmjaBorn of cosmic unityHinduBoy
OmkarSound of the sacred syllable, Religious word OMHinduBoy
OmkaraCreator of OmHinduBoy
OmkareshwariGoddess Parvati, GauriHinduGirl
OmkariGoddess Parvati, GauriHinduGirl
OmkarnathLord of Omkaar, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
OmpatiMaster of OmHinduBoy
OmprakashLight of Om, Sacred lightHinduBoy
OmranSolid structureMuslimBoy
Omrana ParsiGirl
OmriPupil of Jehovah, Servant of JehovahChristianBoy
OmswaroopManifestation of divinityHinduBoy
OmswarupManifestation of divinityHinduBoy
OmvatiSacred, Having the power of OmHinduGirl
OnVigor, WealthChristianBoy
OnaFamine, HungerChristianGirl
Onalika HinduGirl
OnamVigorous, StrongChristianBoy
OndreaWomanly, WarriorChristianGirl
OndreeaWomanly, WarriorChristianGirl
OndriaWomanly, WarriorChristianGirl
OneidaStanding Stone, Upright StoneChristianGirl
Ong Leng Huoy BuddhistGirl
OniShelter, CoverHinduGirl
OnkarGod's name, Primal beingSikhBoy
OnkarpreetLove for god's nameSikhBoy
OnndreaWomanly, WarriorChristianGirl
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