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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
RaelynSunbeam Lake, Ewe LakeChristianGirl
RafaHappiness, ProsperityMuslimGirl
RafeWise wolfChristianBoy
RafeeHigh, High ranking, Cultured, RefinedMuslimBoy
RafeedaFriend, Soft heartedMuslimGirl
RafeeqFriend, Soft heartedMuslimBoy
RafeeqaFriend, Soft heartedMuslimGirl
RafeeqahFriend, Soft heartedMuslimGirl
RafiAnother name for god, Lofty, Exalted, DelicateMuslimBoy
RafiaAnother name for god, Lofty, Exalted, DelicateMuslimGirl
RafiahHigh, Sublime, ExquisiteMuslimGirl
RafieKind friendMuslimBoy
RafiqKind, Friend, CompanionMuslimBoy
RafiqahKind, Friend, CompanionMuslimGirl
RageshwariGoddess of melody, Master of melodic modesHinduGirl
RageswariGoddess of melody, Master of melodic modesHinduGirl
RaghadPleasant, Carefree, ComfortableMuslimGirl
RaghavLord RamaHinduBoy
RaghavendraLord RamaHinduBoy
RaghbirBrave lord RamaHinduBoy
RaghibDesiring, WillingMuslimBoy
RaghibahDesiring, DesirousMuslimGirl
RaghothamGreatest of allHinduBoy
RaghuFamily of lord Rama, An ancient king of AvadhHinduBoy
RaghubirLord RamaSikhBoy
RaghukumaraLord RamHinduBoy
RaghunandanLord Rama, Brave man of the Raghu clanHinduBoy
RaghunathLord Rama, Brave man of the Raghu clanHinduBoy
RaghupatiLord Rama, Brave man of the Raghu clanHinduBoy
RaghuveerLord Rama, Brave man of the Raghu clanHinduBoy
RaghuvirLord Rama, Brave man of the Raghu clanHinduBoy
Ragin HinduBoy
RahabAmple, Broad, Spacious, WideChristianGirl
Raham ParsiBoy
RahasSecret, Merriment, DelightHinduBoy
RahatComfort, Rest, ResponseMuslimGirl
RaheelOne who shows the wayMuslimBoy
RaheemCompassionate, Merciful, Kind hearted, GenerousMuslimBoy
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