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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
UlhasJoy, DelightHinduBoy
UlickWill Helmet, ProtectChristianBoy
UlixesTo Be Angry, To HateChristianBoy
UlkaMeteorite, Free falling rocksHinduGirl
UllaTo Fill (a container)ChristianGirl
UllasLight, JoyfulHinduBoy
UllupiPretty faceHinduGirl
Ullupi JainGirl
UlmukLord IndraHinduBoy
Ulpa JainGirl
UlricPower of the wolfChristianBoy
UlricaPower of the wolfChristianGirl
UlrickPower of the wolfChristianBoy
UltanOf UlsterChristianBoy
UlupiWife of Arjun, Pandava princeHinduGirl
UlupyaPretty faceHinduGirl
Ulyaa MuslimGirl
UlyssesTo Be Angry, To HateChristianBoy
UmaGoddess ParvatiHinduGirl
UmachandraUma ( Goddess Parvati) and Lord ShivaHinduBoy
UmairSecond khalifahMuslimBoy
UmairaSecond khalifahMuslimGirl
UmakantHusband Of Uma, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
UmamahProper nameMuslimGirl
UmanandLord ShivaHinduBoy
UmangHappiness, EnthusiasticHinduBoy
Umangi JainGirl
UmapatiConsort of UmaHinduBoy
UmaprasadBlessing of goddess ParvatiHinduBoy
UmaputraThe Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)HinduBoy
UmarSecond khalifahMuslimBoy
UmashankarLord ShivaHinduBoy
UmayThe Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)HinduBoy
UmaymahYoung motherMuslimGirl
UmaynahA narrator of hadithMuslimGirl
UmayrOld Arabic nameMuslimBoy
UmayrahDaughter of Al QamahMuslimGirl
UmayyahA narrator of hadithMuslimBoy
UmedHope, Wish, ExpectationHinduBoy
UmerLife name of the second CaliphMuslimBoy
Umesh JainBoy
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