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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Yesha JainGirl
YeswanthOne who has achieved gloryHinduBoy
YettaHome rulerChristianGirl
YieshaAlive, LivelyChristianGirl
YieshahAlive, LivelyChristianGirl
Yima ParsiBoy
Yog ParsiGirl
YogadevaLord of YogaHinduBoy
YogadhipaLord of meditationHinduBoy
YoganandDelighted with meditationHinduBoy
YogendraGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva), AgainHinduBoy
Yogendra JainBoy
Yogesh JainBoy
YogeshLord of YogaHinduBoy
YogeshwariGoddess DurgaHinduGirl
YogiDevotee, Supreme masterHinduBoy
YoginampatiLord of YogisHinduBoy
YoginderGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva)HinduBoy
Yogindu JainBoy
YogineSaint. Lord HanumanHinduBoy
YoginiOne who can control senses, Lover of YogasHinduGirl
YogirajGreat ascetic, Lord ShivaHinduBoy
YogitaOne who can concentrate, Female disciple, EnchantedHinduGirl
Yogya HinduGirl
YojanaA unit of measure for long distances, A PlanHinduGirl
YolandaViolet FlowerChristianGirl
YolondaViolet FlowerChristianGirl
YonitaLady, Women, GirlHinduGirl
YoonusA Prophets nameMuslimBoy
YoosufJoseph, A prophet's name, Chosen by godMuslimBoy
YorathHandsome LordChristianBoy
YorickFarm worker, FarmerChristianBoy
YorkFrom YorkChristianBoy
YosanaLady, Women, GirlHinduGirl
YoshitaLady, Women, GirlHinduGirl
YoukahainenGreat, LargeChristianBoy
YousefJoseph, A prophet's name, Chosen by godMuslimBoy
YoushaYoung girlHinduGirl
YsabelGod is my oathChristianGirl
YudhajitVictor in warHinduBoy
YudhishthirEldest Pandava brother, Firm in battleHinduBoy
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