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 Indian names (find page-links at the bottom)  
 Name Meaning Religion Gender
MalinaTower, darkHinduGirl
MalindaDark Serpent, Sweet SerpentChristianGirl
MaliniGarland maker, Gardener, Fragrant, Flourish, A RiverHinduGirl
MalkaQueen, PrincessHinduGirl
MalleshLord ShivaHinduBoy
MalliFlower, JasmineHinduGirl
MalliFemale form of MallinathJainGirl
MallikaQueen, A Creeper plant, JasmineHinduGirl
MallikaQueen, OwnerMuslimGirl
MallikaFemale form of MallinathJainGirl
MallikarjunLord ShivaHinduBoy
MallinathName of the 19 th teerthankarJainBoy
MalloryUnfortunate, Unhappy, UnluckyChristianUnisex
MalolanName of deity in AhobilamHinduBoy
MaloneDevotee of St. Eoin (John)ChristianBoy
MaltiSmall fragrant flower, MoonlightHinduGirl
MalvikaOne who lived in MalvaHinduGirl
MalvinaSmooth browChristianGirl
MamataMotherly love, AffectionHinduGirl
MamdouhOne who is commended, Praised, GlorifiedMuslimBoy
MamduhPerson commended, PraisedMuslimBoy
MamiePearl, BelovedChristianGirl
Mamik HinduBoy
MamnoonTrust worthyMuslimBoy
MamrajLord of affectionHinduBoy
MamsapriyaFond of fleshHinduGirl
MamtaMotherly love, AffectionHinduGirl
ManSupernatural powerHinduBoy
Man SikhBoy
ManaMind, Supernatural powerHinduGirl
ManaAlike, Similar, Name of a godMuslimGirl
Manaahil MuslimGirl
ManaalAttainment, AchievementMuslimGirl
ManaalAttainment, AchievementHinduBoy
ManaarGuiding light, Light houseHinduBoy
ManaarGuiding light, Light houseMuslimGirl
ManaaraGuiding light, Light houseMuslimGirl
ManadhaGiving honorHinduGirl
ManahamGods favoriteMuslimGirl
ManajithOne who conquered the mindHinduBoy
ManajithOne who conquered the mindSikhBoy
Manak JainBoy
ManakaAccording to the mindHinduGirl
Manakbai ParsiGirl
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