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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
ManikuntalaOne whose hair is like gemsHinduGirl
ManikyaA light pink to blood red gemstoneHinduBoy
ManimalaString of pearlsHinduGirl
ManimekhalaGirdle of gemsHinduGirl
ManinderLord of mindSikhBoy
ManindraDiamond, Lord of gems, Lord of mindHinduBoy
ManiniLady, Nobel, Women, Self respectedHinduGirl
Manipal SikhBoy
ManiramJewel of a personHinduBoy
ManishIntelligent, Lord of mindHinduBoy
ManishaIntellect, Desire, Wish, Goddess of mindHinduGirl
Manisha JainGirl
ManishankarLord ShivaHinduBoy
Manishi JainGirl
ManisiDesired by heartHinduGirl
ManisilaJeweled stoneHinduGirl
ManitHighly respectedHinduBoy
ManiyaGlass beadHinduGirl
Manizeh ParsiGirl
ManjariBunch, Bud of a Mango treeHinduGirl
ManjeetConqueror of mindHinduBoy
ManjeetConqueror of mindSikhBoy
ManjiraAnkle bellsSikhGirl
ManjiraAnkle bellsHinduGirl
ManjitThe one who controls the mindSikhBoy
ManjotLight of your heartSikhBoy
ManjuSnow, Dew dropsSikhGirl
ManjuSnow, Dew drops, Beautiful, PleasantHinduGirl
ManjubalaSweet girl, Beautiful girlHinduGirl
ManjubhargaviGoddess LaxmiHinduGirl
ManjughoshSweet sounding, RecitationHinduBoy
ManjulaMelodious, Lovely, Soft, CharmingHinduGirl
ManjulikaSweet girlHinduGirl
ManjunathSnow, Dew drops, Beautiful, PleasantHinduBoy
ManjuprasadSnow, Dew drops, Beautiful, PleasantHinduBoy
ManjushaA box of jewels, Treasure chest, Lady with a sweet voiceHinduGirl
ManjushriSweet luster, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
ManjusriGoddess SaraswatiHinduGirl
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