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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
Maroof MuslimBoy
Marquis ChristianBoy
MarquiseGovernor of a border countryChristianBoy
Marrzban ParsiBoy
MarshaWar like, Defense, Of the SeaChristianGirl
MarshalHorse keeper, Shoeing smithChristianBoy
MarshallHorse keeper, Shoeing smithChristianBoy
MarshanDefense, Of the Sea, Favor, GraceChristianGirl
MartaLady, MistressChristianGirl
MartandLord Surya (Sun)HinduBoy
MartandaLord Surya (Sun)HinduBoy
MarthaLady, MistressChristianGirl
MartialLike Mars, Roman God MarsChristianBoy
MartieLike Mars, Roman God MarsChristianBoy
MartinLike Mars, Roman God MarsChristianBoy
MartinaLike Mars, Roman God MarsChristianGirl
MartyLike Mars, Roman God MarsChristianBoy
Maru JainGirl
MarudevaLord of desertHinduBoy
MarudeviMother of lord RishbhdevJainGirl
MarudhamFrom the lush green fieldsHinduGirl
MarudhvathiGoddess Durga, Aadi shakthiHinduGirl
MarufKnown, AcceptedMuslimBoy
MaruffFamous, Known, Noted, CelebratedMuslimGirl
MarufirahAnother name for holy Quran, Lofty, RespectedMuslimBoy
MarushikaBorn with blessings of lord ShivaHinduGirl
MarutatmajMost beloved like gemsHinduBoy
MarutiHanuman, BhimsenHinduBoy
MarvaMarrow EminentChristianGirl
MarvinMarrow EminentChristianBoy
MarvynMarrow EminentChristianBoy
MarwaFragrant plant, Al Marwa is one of the hill in city MeccaMuslimGirl
MaryaMark, LimitChristianGirl
MaryaMark, LimitHinduGirl
MaryamBeautiful, Flower, BelovedMuslimGirl
MaryannBeloved FavorChristianGirl
MaryannaBeloved FavorChristianGirl
MaryanneBeloved FavorChristianGirl
MarybethBeloved FavorChristianGirl
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